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31 July 2019 in CSR

The group of Phrakesa Subdistrict Administration Organization visited BMT Asia Co., Ltd. to study 3Rs Reduce Reuse and Recycle: Hazardous waste management

BMT welcomes officials of Phrakesa Subdistrict Administration Organization (SAO) together with the community leader Phrakesa Subdistrict Administrative Organization / Headman Phrakesa Sub-district, and members of the subdistrict municipalities of Pharkesa Subdistrict to visit and study 3Rs: Reduce Reuse Recycle: hazardous waste management : Mercury in Fluorescent lamps.

The objectives of the visit is aiming to raising awareness about municipal hazardous waste management is an essential component of effective waste management. Hazardous wastes management may pose a potential hazard to the human health or the environment (soil, air, water) when improperly treated, stored, transported or disposed off or managed. It is important for key stakeholders to be aware of a SAO’s waste management activities and have a strong understanding benefits of proper waste segregation and waste management. In addition, representatives of Phrakesa Subdistrict can be fully understand how BMT provides sustainable treatment of mercury waste to their used fluorescent lamps.