Turnkey Services

BMT takes your mercury concerns off your hands. Our suite of services is specifically designed to minimise costs and liability associated with the removal of mercury contaminated waste.


BMT can assist you with:

  • applications for import/export licences under the Basel Convention
  • on-site supervision and assistance;
  • metals and equipment cleaning;
  • transfer of waste into special UN-approved packaging;
  • transport and storage of mercury-contaminated waste;
  • processing of mercury waste;
  • disposal or recycling of mercury residues;
  • mercury waste management training;
  • risk assessment and environmental monitoring;
  • screening and testing advice;
  • urine testing advice; and
  • other specialised mercury and NORM handling services as required.


Best Mercury Technology (BMT) specialises in the treatment of various types of mercury contaminated waste. The company has accumulated a great deal of expertise and experience in the purification and stabilisation of hazardous waste and can provide advice for the specific treatment of your mercury contaminated waste.

BMT can provide you with a cost effective solution for your mercury contaminated waste. The company is familiar with all technical and logistical aspects of processing mercury contaminated waste and can guarantee the safe, clean and effective treatment of your waste complying with international regulations and standards.


Governments have rightly imposed very stringent rules relating to the purification, logistics and processing of mercury-contaminated waste.  BMT can support and guide you with applications for all of the necessary permits, which enable the transport of mercury waste all in accordance with the Basel Convention.

Packaging and storage

Safety is a priority in the packaging and storage of mercury contaminated waste. At BMT we package mercury contaminated waste in accordance with international regulations for road and sea transport. Special mercury containers for mercury contaminated waste are available upon request.