BMT History

Our Story

BMT Mercury Technology commenced its operations in the Netherlands 1991 and has been providing solutions to the global oil and gas and petrochemical industries since that time.


Company Commences Opperations

The company commenced operations with the development of a gravitational separation method for removing mercury from sand. Two plants were operational, one at NAM (Shell/Exxon) in Groningen, Netherlands and the other at Solvay in Antwerp, Belgium.


Patent Developed

The patented vacuum distillation method was subsequently developed for purifying a variety of mercury contaminated waste substances. This technique became operational in 1996 and was in use for 7 years at AVR in the Europoort (Rotterdam Harbor).


BMT Relocated

BMT relocated its operations into its current premises in Farmsum, near Groningen, Netherlands.
BMT is now an authority in the purification market, specifically for waste substances containing mercury and Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM).


Thailand Facility

BMT established a new facility in Bangkok, Thailand.


Company Ownership

Since late 2013, the Active Capital Company of the Netherlands and E-Capital from Belgium has held a 75% interest in the company. The remaining 25% is held by the founders and management.


Australian Facility

BMT is establishing a new facility in Kwinana Western Australia to service the significant recent expansion of the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Industry in Australia and to provide services to the existing oil and gas industry that was previously only available by exporting the wastes to Europe.


BMT has taken over the M&R Claushuis mercury treatment activities and assets