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10 January 2018 in CSR

Waste containing mercury used in healthcare to be disposed at BMT Bangpoo Industrial Estate

“Mercury wastes can lead to releases of mercury into the environment if they are not managed in an environmentally sound manner”.

In collaboration with Ministry of Public Health, Thailand, BMT is working on a trial project of treatment of waste containing mercury as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility programs.  BMT provide our advanced and sustainable technology and solutions for Thailand to properly dispose of waste containing mercury.  From the trial, BMT has helped Ministry of Public Health to identify approaches and to prepare for implementation of the Minamata Convention on Mercury.


Under this program, 6 out of 21 hospitals were chosen to install amalgam separators to trap waste containing mercury generated from amalgam filling and replacement while all 21 hospitals were given a set of amalgam boxes for collecting waste containing mercury used in healthcare.  In January 2018, BMT collected waste containing mercury from Songkhla Hospital and Prapokklao Hospital Chantaburi for treatment at our facility in Bangpoo Industrial Estate.